2017-10-02 19:24:22

Deputy Commissioner Message

  Sublimity in administration ineluctably demands farsightedness, administrative acumen, and financial proficiency. The acquisition of the office of a district administrator is a sacred trust, the just execution of which demands undivided attention, relentless effort, and impregnable integrity. As district administrator of Mardan, I and my team believe, most firmly, that it is our fiduciary obligation to take care of, and provide for, sundry needs of the citizenry, whilst abiding by the canons of conscientious duty. Devoted to the end of e

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2016-08-06 13:18:55


Mardan District is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The city of Mardan is the headquarters of the district. The district also contains the famous archaeological site of Takh Bhai, Jamal Ghari and Sawal Dher.

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